Tasting Lanyard for Mardi Gras


So this year they are offering tasting lanyards to be used at the food booths in the “French quarter”. We are headed there in a few days and I’m just wondering if anyone on here has any thoughts on these…


No experience of Universal tasting lanyards but I’ve done a couple tasting lanyard beer festivals and a wine festival elsewhere. Tickets included a lanyard with something about shot glass sized to drink out of and that is what they’d fill for you. One of the beer festivals it was just a cheap, plastic beer mug on a thin lanyard. The other it was a collapsing silicon cup with a cover you could put over it while not in use. The wine festival tour we did they gave us these cool lanyards with an insulated holder for a small, stemmed wine glass. I think the main point was you got unlimited refills where unlimited refills = stand in line for each small quantity. Naturally limiting you might say. I don’t know if this is what Universal is doing but it seems reasonable to think they would also want to limit consumption to reasonable levels.