Target Redcard - extra 5% above base 5% (Edited)

Does anyone know… I see Target has a coupon code right now for an extra 5% off when using our Red card… does that apply for Disney GC? That would be a fantastic discount!

I believe the Disney gift cards are always 5% off when using the Red Card. I’ve purchased them many times with this discount.

Yep - but this says an extra 5% off, beyond the basic 5%. Just wondering if it’ll actually apply
I’ve edited the title to reflect that difference.

No, the exclusions on the coupon lists gift cards, so I doubt it will work

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I used my Target Debit Red Card over a week ago to get Disney gift cards but it still won’t let me use it again! I think every time I try to use it, it resets the restriction again because I hit the limit. I suppose if I leave it alone for a week, it will work. But frustrating nevertheless. If it ever works it will save lots of $$$ which is good.

I see that, now that I’m looking in the app, instead of on the weekly ad. Too bad. I might try it anyway. I’ve been holding out for a deal, but it’s probably worth trying.

I tried it yesterday, didn’t work. Just the regular 5% came off, no extra. :frowning:

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Have to admit I am relieved it did NOT work. :wink: Over the last 10 days I bought $1000 in gift cards with the Red Card and would have been bummed if I had missed out on the extra discount. But as mentioned, I have the debit version (where the money comes out of my checking account) and it took over a week to purchase enough cards to total $1000. Target doesn’t allow you to have too much outstanding until the prior purchases clear in your account – so plan accordingly!

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I’ve been buying the eGift Disney Gift cards from ($25 → $500), using my Red Card and getting the standard 5% discount. The only restriction I have encountered is a 3 card per 24 hour limit.

You can use to roll them over to a physical card up to a maximum of $1000.

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This is why I did as well in pairs of 2-$500 without issue

Thanks for trying it @koolaid.

I thought this was too good to be true. I’ve bought with my Red Card before, for the standard 5% discount. I think, once, I hit a Black Friday sale and got even more of a discount. But, this would be a weird time to see that.

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linsalt, is it a 3 card limit or a dollar limit? In my experience it was the dollar amount. For example, one day would not let me buy a $500 card, but when I lowered it to a $200 card instead, it went through.

3 Card limit … I did a maximum transaction (3 cards x $500 each) per day, for 3 days in a row, with 25 hours between each transaction.

Meijer, a midwest supercenter chain, runs a flat 10% off several times a year. Plus if the credit card you use offers rewards points that generates an even greater discount.

linsalt - not to belabor this point but - do you have the Red Card credit card or the debit? If you have the debit, maybe the reason I had an issue and you didn’t was that it was only the 2nd time I was using the card so I had no record of reliably staying within my checking account balance?

I need $200 for myself and $200 for my sister. I haven’t seen $200 increments so I assume I’ll have to buy 4 x $100. So what will happen? Will it let me buy all 4 but only give me the discount on 3 of them? How will I know this in advance since the discount only comes up after I swipe my Target card?

I was wondering that, too!

Red Card (credit)

All my references above were for purchases made online at

I have in the past purchased 4 x $100 cards in the brick and mortar store, again using a Red Card (credit)

Ah that must be it —credit versus debit. Well then – for anyone who comes across this post in the future andyou plan to get a Red Card debit card instead of the true credit card — make sure you give yourself a few weeks to purchase a large dollar amount of gift cards. I personally did not want another credit line on my credit report so opted for the debit. But be aware!

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