Target gift cards

I hear a lot of people talking about getting Disney gift cards at Target for 10% off. How does this work, is everyone eligible for this offer or do you have to use a target credit card. Thanks !

It’s only 5% off when you use your red card. Technically it’s not supposed to work on gift cards, but it does.

On the first Sunday in December, Target sells their gift cards for 10% off. Then you can return to the store another day and use the Target gift cards to buy Disney gift cards. I have done it the last 2 years and it works great. You can only buy about $300 at a time on that Sunday, so you may have to visit multiple stores, or the same store multiple times if you want to save big.

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You can also buy discount Disney GC’s at Sam’s Clubs or BJ’s. They average out to be about a 7.5% discount. Sam’s has a limit to how many you can buy, but as far as I can tell BJ’s does not. I bought enough to pay for our entire trip that way. (It does take a lot of time to enter each GC individually into MDE).

I think that BJ’s gift card only goes to $500 each but you can buy multiple.

what are BJs gifts cards? never heard of it

BJ’s is a bulk club, like Sam’s Club or Costco. We have club stores near where I live in upstate (rural) NY, whereas Sam’s etc tend to be in more populated areas.

In response to previous post I could not buy cards in amounts over $100 (from BJ’s), but could buy as many in that denomination as I wanted. My Dad also bought some (could buy 1 in $500 and several in lower denominations) from Sam’s.

oh yeah, no BJs here!!