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Attempting to do the gift card stacking thing…every time I read the “fine print” on the target gift cards, it says it can’t be used to purchase other gift cards. Do they mean other target cards, or gift cards in general? I’ll definitely use it eventually if I get stuck with it, but the purpose at this point is to save some money for Disney. Has anyone had any issues doing this and using your RedCard? What about getting a Disney Store GC, and buying Disney Dollars, would that work? Pinching pennies is hard work! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought there were some recent posts on chat about credit card issues regarding I do not know if these reports have been confirmed?

I haven’t had an issue with raise, but someone in one of my FB groups did say that she was no longer able to get he red card discount for the Disney gift card online, even when her primary payment method was set to red card. Looks like they are changing the policy. Previously, Disney cards were considered entertainment, and were therefore, eligible for discount in store and online when using red card. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong!

I did not buy gift cards from raise but had some Target cards I got from Kroger for fuel points. I used them online tonight to buy Disney gift cards at and got the 5% Redcard discount. Don’t know how long it will last if they are changing the policy though.

A target gift card cannot be used to purchase other target gift cards, but can be used for third party gift cards that I believe they classify all as entertainment gift cards. I have not purchased Disney gift cards through target with target gift cards purchased through raise in a few months, but it worked for me in the past.

I’ve found it to be somewhat hit or miss on whether they add the discount. I don’t think it’s changing policy so much as flaky software. The discount might not apply until you proceed to checkout or it might not apply at all. If you proceed to checkout and it doesn’t show the discount, remove the cards from your cart and try again. I’ve had it take several tries. I was just able to add 3 cards though, and the discount applied:

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I just ordered 3 gift cards yesterday and got my 5% discount.

In order for the discount to be reflected, I had to go in and set up payment with my Red Card, refresh, the discount popped up, then add all my gift cards. Just setting my default payment as my Red Card didn’t seem to work.

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How? I have only $300 left before I’m paid in full, but I’d like to know for the future!

I will confirm I was one that was hacked on Raise last week. They got into my account, bought 2 Target cards for the total amount of 230.00 on my credit card and used them immediately. While Raise was quick to take care of things, it was almost routine for them. They also reimbursed me for a Panera card that was in my wallet and used the week before without my knowledge.
It is upsetting because I really liked saving money. I had purchased gift cards for target, lowes, hyatt, panera, etc…
I deleted my Raise account :frowning:

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Thanks all for the feedback! @quittinking I somehow missed there had been a hack, I’m glad they were able to reimburse you so quickly! But in light of that info I think I’ll be skipping Raise. I’ll see what I can do with my red card.

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Raise has very good customer service and a 100% guarantee against any type of fraud. I buy thousands of dollars in gift cards from them for all my shopping (clothes, groceries, housewares, target for Disney cards). The one time I had an issue, they refunded me in just a few days. When you purchase ANYTHING on line you open yourself to fraud. When the fraud issues with Raise happened, I reset all of my passwords and my pin just to be safe. The target GC to purchase Disney GC stacked with the red card discount is working. I place another order yesterday. You can’t use Disney GC to buy Disney dollars. @lgorgone Also just a note, I tried to use Cardpool the other day. It was awful. I will not be using them for any electronic gift cards. They don’t guarantee them. The physical cards are guaranteed but very very slow.

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They may have a great guarantee but multiple reports from liners about compromised credit cards have made many of us nervous. If I have to worry about replacing my credit card again (after the Target issue), I do not think I will take the chance.

Cardpool does guarantee the value on the gift cards, electronic or hard-card. However, they do not accept RETURNS for electronic gift cards. It’s a specific difference.

You can still get a good discount (5%) just buying them through Sam’s Club- or you can go through a portal to buy Walmart gift cards then use them at Sams for the Disney Cards- will net you an extra percent or two. It isn’t as much- but the risk is a lot lower and you still save a decent chuck of money.

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Do NOT attempt to buy disney gift cards with your target gift cards online. Learned the hard way tonight. They will just cancel your order as they’ve changed their policy.