Target Disneyland e-Tickets? Any catch?

Just discovered the Disneyland 2-day tickets on Target website! And my 5% discount is showing at checkout! This seems like good easy deal for the 2-day 1 park. Are there any drawbacks to going with this Target e-ticket… especially with linking to the park app or getting through gate quicker?? Also, I am probably upgrading to PHs… I usually add on this flat price upgrade on-site at WDW… gives me a little more time to save and mainly just because it lessens the initial sticker shock to my DH when we first purchase the tix! LOL!) Does that work the same way at DL as it does at WDW? Can I do that later on once Target tix are linked? Thanks!

I’ve never used tickets directly from Target but have from our Kroger grocery store & they linked to then Disneyland app just great & we were able to go to the turnstile directly where they printed off a Mylar-coated paper ticket to use for getting free from the kiosks & also took pictures of each person to tie to each ticket.

Also, yes the upgrade to PH can be done at the ticket booths once onsite.

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You can also buy Disney gift cards at Target and get a 5% discount if you’re using your red card. We do this a lot and save them either for tickets or food inside the parks. But right now I think Undercover Tourist has tickets that are actually a deeper discount than 5%. You might just check that out before purchasing thru Target.

edited to add: Two day tickets are slightly cheaper at Target with your discount. I’ve been looking at 3 and 4 days tickets which are cheaper at Undercover Tourist.

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