Target Circle Offers

This may be old info for many of you, but I bought a $50 Disney gift card from Target and it counted towards a Target Circle reward offer even though it said gift cards were exempt. My offer was four $45 purchases by 2/20/22 and I got $15 in Target Circle Rewards. Every little bit helps!


Now can you apply that $15 to another gift card? That would be magic.

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Nope. That would be awesome though! I used it for dog food instead. Boring but necessary.

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Yes must keep the fur ball fed.

If Disney gets any more expensive, I’m going to be serving that dog food for dinner once a week!


I have one of those offers in my account and was thinking of trying this. Did you purchase the Disney gift cards in store or online?

Online. I purchased $50 cards in separate purchases one day apart.

Awesome thank you I’m going to give it a try. Need the gift cards anyways even if I don’t get the circle bonus.