Tapping into FPP

I keep seeing people say that as soon as they tap in for their FPP, they use their phone to book the next one. Do rides still have two FPP tapping spots (when you first get there and then closer to when you get on the ride)? If so, do you start looking for your next FPP after you tap in at the first or second location? I would hate to accidentally lose the FPP that I am in line for. Thanks!

You can start looking after you tap in at the first spot. Your Fast Pass will still be valid at the second tap spot. You don’t lose it by getting your next fast pass scheduled.


When I was there in March and was trying to add another FP after I tapped into Toy Story Mania, it actually wouldn’t let me add one until after the 2nd tapstile. Which I guess makes difficult for people who just want to tap in to burn a fast pass…

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You can start looking and hold it open on your screen - wait until after you tap after the second to confirm.

Only potential issue is if you are dealing with tiered passes, you may not see full range of options into you hit the second tap.

This was a bit glitchy for me when I was there a week ago. Sometimes I could immediately book another after the first tap, other times there was a couple minutes delay before MDE let me, and one time, at Test Track, it split up my party where we could book another right away for most of us, but my DD was delayed for about 15 minutes even though she tapped into the checkpoints with the rest of us. It didn’t cost as anything, as we chose to go clockwise around World Showcase and ride Frozen standby rather than the other way around to use a late FP. Used our 4th on Illuminations instead. I didn’t experience the 2nd turnstiles having an effect either way.

I’m very curious about this. I was under the impression you could easily just tap in to the first turnstile and be fine… I’m wondering if all rides have 2 or only some? I can’t remember many off the top of my head…

Most FP lines have two tap points.

But only a handful use both of them. And that seems to be fairly random, as to which ones use them at any one time.

Seemed pretty random to me too. Definitely noticed it on rides with lots of queue space, which I guess allows for more time to hop the line, and on rides where the standby line and the FPP line are right next to each other.

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