"Tapping In" at a ride

People have mentioned that if you don’t want to use an FP but want it to be logged as used (so you can book day-of FastPasses) you should “tap in” for the ride. Is this something that the CM will understand. Like can I run over to a ride with my whole family’s set of bands, tap in all 7, not ride, and say, “Thanks” and not get weird looks or hassle?

I’ve seen a couple of people do it. The CM didn’t even bat an eye. Their not dumb, they know exactly what you are doing, and it does no harm to anybody’s enjoyment.
YES the CM will understand and NO it’s not weird.

Maybe some clueless guests will think it’s weird but that would just mean you are more intelligent and more prepared than them !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It depends on the cast member. Last time I was there my wife and I were taking turns going on the rides with our son while the other stayed behind with our daughter who wasn’t even one yet. As I was booking same day fast passes I would book them for all three of us and the adult who went on the ride would give a ghost tap for the adult who stayed behind. Only one cast member of about 10 gave us a problem.

What sort of ‘‘problem’’ did he give you ? I don’t understand why they would even care…

Using someone else’s Magic Band could be suspicious…trying to use someone else’s FP, perhaps not even a MB that belongs to your family.

There are bigger fish to fry, I know…but I could see it being questioned. Safest bet would just be for everyone to tap in for themselves to avoid suspicion.

Oh yeah, I just got that part and saw in my mind a guy coming in to tap with several MBs in his hand…yeah that could look bad…

He just told my wife not to do it again. Also, we were using the cards. We stayed at universal during that trip.

It’s weird, I don’t think there are rules against that and I don’t see why it would not be allowed. Doesn’t impede anyone (on the contrary). Maybe that guy was having a power trip and/or a bad day.

Considering you were using the cards, I’m wondering if the issue wasn’t really about tapping in as much as it was the lack of ability to check who matches up with the cards.

Our last Disney trip, I didn’t want my kids to hold their cards for fear they would accidentally drop/lose them. So at each time we needed to use our FP from the cards, I would pull them out of my wallet and tap through each of my kids, my wife, and myself then put the cards immediately back in my wallet. But I could see the CM trying hard to make sure I didn’t sneak in an extra body or anything in the transaction, all the time having to pay attention to other guest who were also tapping in. In hindsight, I could see it created a more stressful situation for them. No one complained, but I could also see why a CM would want to try to get people to NOT do that because of the added work. I also could see people trying to, as I mentioned, sneak in an extra person through the FP line that didn’t actually have a FP in the confusion.

Now, if it was perfectly clear that the tap-in was not to actually get in line, I doubt any issue would arise…but they can’t know you aren’t getting in line in such a situation until AFTER you tap in and walk away.