Tangierine Cafe

Has anyone heard what might be happening with Tangierine Cafe between festivals? Will it be open? Will it have a different menu?

DFB just says that it’s being used as a food booth for the festivals.

Considering there’s basically only like 7-10 days between festivals now I would think it would just close or be used as a seating area until the new menu is released.

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:cry: I want the menu they had 2 years ago!


I’ve been out of the loop for a while now, not Food and Wine Festival now runs July - November? OMG! Is it a festival if it’s just always happening?


Yes because it stops for a short couple of days until Festival Of the Holidays begins. That runs for a few weeks until it stops for a couple of days. Then Festival Of the Arts starts and runs a few weeks until it stops for a couple of days. Then Flower and Garden starts and runs for eleventy months until it stops for a few days. And then Food and Wine begins again. It’s the circle of life and it moves us all.

Since there are breaks of a couple of days it’s not running all the time and they can call it a festival. Duh.