Talk to me about virtual events

Since it looks like I will probably be foregoing Marathon Weekend 2023 in favor of Africa 2023 it occurred to me that virtual might be a good option.

What are the rules about virtual? Does one run the virtual event on the same weekend or is there a window of time during which would run the distance that may be wide enough that I could do it? I wouldn’t want to run it here in NH on the same weekend as by then it’s a frigid wasteland here. But if I could do it earlier… it just might be a thing.

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I don’t know what the rules are, but I think I think the only thing you need a time for is a certificate online? I’m signed up for the virtua 10k for springtime surprise and I’m planning to do it the first weekend in May, so several weeks later.

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Run it along the Serengeti!

For the Springtime Surprise, the rules state the following:

  • Participants track their own times and completion is based on the honor system. Once you complete your run, visit the finisher website to submit your finish time and download your race certificate.
  • Registered runDisney Virtual participants will receive their commemorative medal in the mail at the physical address they submit during the event registration process. Medals will be shipped at the conclusion of the event completion timeframe.

Well, I won’t go to Africa til that late spring/summer, right around my 49th birthday so that I’m technically within my 50th year (and the best time to visit, incidentally). So that’s probably outside the window they will intend :wink: But I like how you think!

I think it was @Meech who did virtual wine and dine in 2020 and posted about the medals box over in the other thread? That might give you an idea on timeframe?

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