Talk to me about Universal Hollywood

For my girls trip in September we decided to drop in to Universal.

We are staying at the Hilton Universal city for one night only. We arrive Sept 2 landing at noon at LAX. We plan to shuttle to the hotel and then hit the park for a bit. I know it is Labor Day so it could be busy but that doesn’t really bug me much. We will go back the next morning to take in as much as we can. Harry Potter is our priority. I checked crowd calendars on and it says the Tuesday should be “empty”.

Any tips, tricks and suggestions of must do items are appreciated.

You’re in for a fantastic journey! Arriving at midday and making a beeline for Universal Studios is a great strategy. Given it’s Labor Day weekend, brace for the crowds, but hitting up the Harry Potter attractions early is a clever move as they tend to fill up. Your Hilton hotel stay offers the advantage of early entry, which is ideal for dodging the queues. Don’t miss the enchanting experience of choosing a wand at Ollivanders, and the Forbidden Journey ride is an absolute thrill! Opting for Tuesday is wise for a more relaxed visit. Have a spellbinding trip!

Thank you

My travelling companion has never been so she is super stoked. I have seen WWHP in Orlando so I feel like it might be a bit of a let down but who knows.

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It’s very much like the one in IOA but I prefer this hippogriff coaster as it’s a bit smoother and maybe higher/faster

My fave things in this park that are unique are the backlot tour and the secret life of pets. Don’t miss either. I also prefer this version of Jurassic World River Adventure cuz it’s newer and in my better shape with a twist ending. The mummy isn’t as good as the one in Florida but it does have a spooky bug effect that is unique. Transformers, Simpsons and Despicable Me are twins so for you nothing new but check out all the doorbells on the houses near despicable me. Super cute! Waterworld is a good and funny stunt show and Kung Fu Panda is unique and worthwhile experience if you have time. Super Nintendo World itself is super cool but I have mixed opinions about Mario kart ride. I’ve done it twice and I enjoyed it in Japan but here it felt like overload and the line was soooo long (and we did it on the VIP tour and still had to wait forever).

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Great info! Thank you!

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