Talk to me about the mosquitoes, fellow bug buffets

I’m in that annoying camp where I have sensitive skin (latex gloves with powder have been known to give me horrible rashes) and bugs love me (God knows why, I can’t stand them). I’m trying to decide if I should bring bug spray with me - I have some insect repellent wristbands (haven’t tested them because here in Seattle, the mosquitoes have frozen by this point). I’m hopeful that will be enough, though I am willing to douse myself in chemicals if needed (though I would prefer not to, because see the first point about sensitive skin). Our trip is at the beginning of December, so I was wondering from people who also have beacons attached to their heads that attract every bug within a 5 mile radius: how bad are the mosquitoes, really?

Honestly I have never had to use bug spray at Disney, I do not know how they do it, but it seems like the bugs don’t exist there…We have always done in the summer when you would think bugs would be out too…

I am the family bug magnet, and I have not had issues with mosquitoes at WDW. Granted, the majority of our trips were in December, so there may have been a seasonal factor in play. I suggest that you go without bug spray initially, but have the DEET at the ready in case the little vampires find you.

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I’ve never had an issue at WDW. But it wouldn’t hurt to have some with you if you find out after the first day that you need it.

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Ok- I am going to give you a completely different answer. I travel with my own shampoo and soap when I go to Disney as well as the sunscreen I can use. If I use Disney products it is like my skin burns and I turn an amazing shade of purple. Combine this with the fact that bug spray can give me the same reaction I started using bug bands ( on my belt loop) to keep the bugs away. I am not convinced that it is mosquitos that bite me but before the bands I would ALWAYS ( April, May, July, October, December) come home with tremendous welts that took weeks to heal. @OBNurseNH posted about the bug bands and I am so grateful for that. The bugs are not everywhere but if you stumble upon an area where they are it can be bad.


Bug Bands work!!. My daughter takes them to summer camp for the week, deep in the woods of NH (where the mosquito is our seasonal state bird). She wears one there on Sunday and swaps it out for a new one on Wednesday; we pick her up on Saturday. She comes home with few to no bites whatsoever. They are effective for 72 hours and you can wear them through all activities. My daughter wears hers on her ankle.


I am a mosquito magnet!!! Over the summer I ate crabs in my back yard for an hour… no joke I ended up with 130 mosquito bites on me! Bug spray hardly works for me and bug bands are a joke in my opinion. I’m seriously a mosquito magnet. Just got back from Disney 2 weeks ago. Stayed in POR and even walked around at night with all of the standing water around. Never put on any bug spray. Did not get one bug bite!!! If I made it okay… trust me. You will be just fine! :smiley:

Mosquito season is loosely April to Nov. Going in December, you should be fine.

I was eaten alive watching the Castle Show at MVMCP two years ago- the 2nd week of December!

I am definitely a bug magnet. Plus I get allergic reactions to mosquito bites. We went in September and never got a bite. I wore bug spray the first night there and then forgot the next day. I saw that I was bug bite free and skipped it the rest of the week. In the times I have visited Disney, I don’t ever remember having an issue.

In August Disney started providing complimentary DEET insect repellent at stations in every park. Not sure if that’s still happening. But I’m sure if you called Disney directly they could tell you if it’s still something they have available.
I’m also the mosquitos magnet in my family. My mother used to say I must have sweet skin (whatever that means.) Once after watching the MK fireworks on the beach at GF I got over 100 bites. But that was 20 years ago. Since then I have never gotten another one while at Disney. They have a pretty extensive bug control program.

Something about dead crabs just bring the mosquitoes out of hiding!!

Thanks for the info everyone! After consideration I think I’m going to call Disney and make sure they still have bug spray, but otherwise I’ll chance it with just the bug bands since I’d reeeeally prefer to not go rolling around in chemicals (also, my suitcase is stuffed full of food so there’s no room for bug spray #priorities) I’m especially glad to hear from the POR people since that’s where we’ll be very soon! :slight_smile:

I have bug wipes that are made with essential oils. They pack well.

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How does the oil react in the strong sun?

Just left AoA. Bug spray in each of the rooms with a note from Disney. I am a bug magnet. Got 5 bites on my face loading the cars when we left Texas. Never saw a bug, or got 1 bite the whole week we were there.

It boils you. It’s like how we used to use baby oil back in the 90s LOL

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I don’t need to consider bug spray until near dark anyway - the sun is of no consequence with the essential oil wipes. The WHO recently declared Zika to be no longer a threat - I expect Disney will take the bug spray away soon.

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As a 55year old Zika was not a concern for me- but the massive welts I get from wdw bites are😉

Oh I hear ya! Its terrible for me too - I’m a magnet. I was only adding the Zika because I don’t expect Disney will supply the bug spray long term.I think this was a temporary measure to help maintain their image of excellent customer service.

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