Talk to me about rope dropping HS these days (for July)

Trip coming up in July, CL 4/5 day for HS, 9 am opening. We have a PPO 8:15 at H&V and plan to sign up for JTA beforehand. From what I’ve read, the regular crowd can also come in before park opening (not sure at what time, however). Does the rope drop and rides start before official opening as well (like in AK?).

My main question is this–assuming I get to H&V by 8 (signing up for JTA around 7:45) and am done by 8:45 (and, is that realistic in any event? it worked well for Garden Grill last year), what can I do if I have to be at Jedi Training by 9:10? Could I sneak in an Alien Swirling Saucers? Star Tours? Do most rides start running before official opening? I have FPP for SDD, TOT and RNR.


When I was there April 30 they dropped the rope at 8:48 which I think is a pretty typical time. We were slow and were on AS2 at 8:59. Not sure how long H&V takes but you may be behind the crowd.

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What time did you arrive at the park?

Around 8:10. We had FPP for SDD so I wasn’t on a huge rush but we were about 3 rows back at the rope.

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Going from H&V to AS2 and back to JTA would be a lot of walking. You might be able to get Star Tours inbetween breakfast and JTA, but you also might not. H&V doesn’t move through their characters super quickly. Or at least, they didn’t when we went in 2016.

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PPO breakfasts at HS don’t work like Epcot. Instead of putting you in front of the crowd, you will be behind the rope drop crowd. Folks will start lining up an hour or so before opening and the crowd waiting to get in will already be significant by 8:45 AM. Getting out of H&V will put you at the back of that crowd.

If you want to RD TSL, then I would move H&V to mid morning. If you want to do H&V PPO, I’d enjoy it and give up on rope dropping TSL (other areas of HS should still be pretty empty, though).

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Thanks for that. How should I be on heading down to TOT and RNR?