Talk to me about PPO ADRs at HS

Are there any PPO ADR’s worth having at HS? H&V gets you to Jedi Sign up faster, right? And, does this confer a true advantage? Does it put you behind the regular RD crowd if we are headed to, say TOT and RNR after? Any other ADR’s of benefit?

Nowhere else does PPO at the park.

And if you’re heading to ToT and RnR, then I think you’ll be fine.

As for an advantage, I guess it depends on when you’re going. Before TSL opened, then there definitely was an advantage to be had. Now, a lot of people have found they can even rope drop Slinky, TSMM or Aliens and still get a time for Jedi Training.

However at a really busy time, that PPO might be an advantage. And it would certainly take away the worry. I’m a great believer in getting FPs etc for your “must-do” attractions, which is why I always use one on the Indy Stunt Show (and I have seen that fill up on more than one show at busy times). If JT is a “must-do” for your family, I would get that PPO breakfast slot for peace of mind.

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Thanks. This would be for July. Do you think it provides a benefit over the RD crowd to ToT and RNR also? Or just puts us with the RD crowd, assuming early PPO time?

And I also agree about getting FPP’s for my must-do’s! If a ride is down, you get a replacement anytime. If lines are short when you arrive, then you can modify it at the last minute. So, it’s no-lose.

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Spring Break 2017 we tried to get into Indy over the course of 2 days and couldn’t do it. TP’s advice was we didn’t need one but that was not so.

Most people ripe dropping will be heading to TSL.

I don’t think you need to rush your meal and skip characters.

You should be able to enter the park with all PPO guests, regardless of what time your actual reservation is for. So get there as if you had an 8am reservation, even if it’s at 8:45am! Head to the JT sign-ups with the kids, sign up and go and check in.

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