Talk to me about Guardians of the Galaxy

We’ve never been to WDW. We’re not really vacation people in the first place, so not only is this our first time, we’ve never really gone “all out” for a trip. This is probably a once in a lifetime trip for us, so I’m trying to make it the best possible.

We’re doing Dance the World for my DD11. I’ve been feverishly planning around the possible schedule to prepare for when we do receive our schedule (right before the 60 day mark…yikes). DD15 LOVES Guardians of the Galaxy and we all love music. The details for GoG aren’t really out; it just says it will begin in June. I’ve allocated 4 hours to just walk around WS in the afternoon and plan to use FP in FW in the morning. If I add this to our plans, about how much time would you allocate to experience this? Should I plan for more time in the afternoon? Squeeze it into another day? What exactly is it?

Thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated!

I don’t believe GOTG will be open until 2021.

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It says they have a dance party in Epcot June 12-August 18, 2019. I didn’t realize there were attractions for GOTG being added…I just meant the details for the dance party in my op. It seems that I may need to plan a return trip in a few years :slight_smile:

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It’s awesome. You can watch the videos on YouTube to see how it’s like but pay no attention to the comment section. It was a big hit with my multi generational family aged 1-80 years. I will definitely do it again when we go in June.

I hadn’t seen this, thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Super helpful… looks like something we would enjoy!

Darn, and here I was preparing my brief 3 hour comic book lecture about Guardians of the Galaxy…