Talk to me about EPCOT lines

We are at Disney Oct 10-18. Currently, we have park reservations for EPCOT on 10/12 and 10/17. The 12th is Columbus Day and the 17th is a Saturday. During a “normal” trip, we would be park hopping a lot and spending some amount of time each of our days at EPCOT. I’m starting to get nervous about lines for food booths and for getting into the Mexico pavilion (or any of the buildings for that matter). What is it really like? Is it bad that we have EPCOT on a holiday and a Saturday? I made these days for EPCOT because 10/12 has hours extended to 11am-9pm and because I didn’t want to do HS or MK on a holiday or weekend. Are we making a mistake? This is our schedule…we plan to arrive early at all parks, all days and stay until close:

10/11 Sun - AK
10/12 Mon - EP
10/13 Tue - HS
10/14 Wed - MK
10/15 Thu - HS
10/16 Fri - MK
10/17 Sat - EP

We are staying at Boardwalk Villas. Me, DH, DD14, DS12 and DD9.

Personally, I would switch your Sat at EP (10/17) with your Thu at HS (10/15). HS is close to capacity almost every day. You aren’t going to notice a huge difference there with a weekday and a weekend. That is veryyyy much not the case at Epcot. We were at EP on a Sat a week and a half ago and it was packed. I think I would keep the 10/12 day there because of the longer hours, but I love Epcot, so would want at least one of my days there to be lower crowds.


Some of F&W booths are only open on weekends. That’s why we are planning a Saturday for Epcot. I think The Alps is one of those.

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Kringla Bakery is, at the moment, only open on weekends as well.

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I dont know if they would have those specific booths open on your Monday there since it is a holiday. If those specific locations are important to you, you could still swap your 10/12 EP with your 10/13 HS.

Oh, yes, that is one. There are a few, and I don’t remember them all. I’d rather go on a busy day than miss anything that isn’t open on weekdays. That’s just me, though. We are going specifically for F&W.

I believe the main places with weekend only hours are:
Islands of the Caribbean
Kringla (school bread is available during week from outside cart)
Block & Hans

Ooo, great point. I looked through our list we made for F&W foods…it looks like we would miss a couple things if they are only open on weekends but we can’t get to everything on our list anyway…too much food. There are no items that are truly “must haves” anyway.

Well poop. There is ZERO availability for HS for any days of our trip. :sob: For now, I guess we are stuck with our original plan.

If it ends up like that, you can still get a lot done…especially since you have two days!

But I’ve seen availability change a lot in the weeks before a date, so keep an eye if you want to consider changing.

Also, just my personal “must have” food suggestions: Pao de Quiejo at Brazil, Mongolian Beef Bao Bun in China, and the Teriyaki Chicken Bun in Japan

I just snagged an opening at HS for Saturday! Yay!!! Now we have it as you suggested!


Those foods are on our list!! Especially the bread in Brazil! I can’t wait for that!

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