Talk to me about coffee

So we love coffee. I see lots of Joffrey’s in the park. Are there any Starbucks? I usually stock up on Starbucks cards before a DL trip, but I can’t tell if that’s a good option at WDW. I’m staying at AoA. Are there coffee pots in the room? Where would I get coffee at the resort if not?

I can bring a water kettle and do pour overs, but that a bit of a hassle.

There’s a Starbucks in each park (though it’s not specifically called that) and two in Disney Springs.

MK - Main Street Bakery
Epcot - uh… it used to be by the fountain, not sure where it is now
HS - Trolley Car
AK - Creature Comforts

AoA should have a coffee pot if you’re in a family suite; I don’t recall if there is one in the LM standard rooms.

There is always coffee in each resort QS

Thanks! I know in Disneyland they also are not called Starbucks they have different names. It’s good to know the other names for Disney World!

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In DS they are Starbucks :wink:


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The coffee in the rooms (if they have a pot in the LM room) and in the counter service area is Joffrey’s.

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At AOA last year (family suite) it was a single or double pod machine. Unfortunately no pot.

The SB at Epcot is in the curve between Future World and Canada. Just before the Refreshment Port if I remember correctly.

Bummer! Anyone have a more recent stay with a different coffee pot? We are in a family suite.

Pods are different than k cups right?

Yeah the pods are flat coffee filters filled with ground coffee and sealed.
Since resorts have transitioned to keurig machines that take k cups, but the majority have not.