Talk to me about Club Level rooms

I randomly put in sept 11-17 and club rooms showed up online.

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Yes but it says 'call for availability ’ and when I call the CM says that nothing is available.

Hi, I have just telephoned again and the CM said that all the Club Level rooms are booked throughout September. I asked whether they were actually booked or being held back/not released and she said that they were definitely booked.

We are seeing something different.

That’s odd. I will try and get into that site. I am using

But why would CM say they are fully booked? Hmmm.

Is it possible for you to send me the link?

So I telephoned Disney again, with @PrincipalTinker’s screen shot in front of me and the CM said that at this time the savannah club rooms are only available to the US market. Hmmm.

Sorry, I went shopping. I have heard that in some countries when you log in there is an option to change the country? Also, at least you know that the people that answer your calls are just like the ones in the US :wink:

Yes, I just managed that. The availability is there but it is a LOT more expensive that on the UK site for the package with room, dining and tickets. Hopefully they will release some Club rooms to the UK market soon . I am telephoning regularly to ask. Do you think they keep a log of the calls?

If it is like the US there is no log! The advantage to the US site is you can book room only and get the US cancellation policy. It will be a long time until there are any discounts.

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Very sorry to hear it. It’s a beautiful resort and can’t wait to take my family to see it when we eat at Boma