Tales from Galaxy’s Edge

Tales from Galaxy’s Edge was my first large purchase foe my Oculus Quest 2 I got at the first of the year, and it is fantastic. Any Star Wars fan should play it.

I really think the graphics are better than what we played at The Void in Disney Springs. Of course, you aren’t actually moving around a large environment like at The Void, but it feels real enough.

For some reason I haven’t bothered getting Vader Immortal, although I did play though the first episode on my nephew’s Oculus. I need to get on that.


You know what a great use of the Oculus is? Watching the live Twitch streams the touring plans crew do on Saturdays when testing new plans. It almost feels as if you are actually at Disney Woeld!


Ohh! Creative!

Does this have zombies or something along those lines? Could be too creepy for my taste :sweat_smile:

I am also anti-zombie or people trying to murder me in general in VR, so I totally understand. It does not have zombies, but it’s spooky. You are trying to solve a mystery. There’s scary music and lighting, which is very well done so it can get creepy at times. It is a little scarier than The Room, but in the same category.

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I think that could have ended at “in general”, period. :rofl:


My DS12 was so excited to start The Room after hearing how much I was liking it. But he started before I finished…and I told him so! I said I don’t know how this ends, but this is on you. He politely let me finish first so I could “warn him” if need be. That was pretty borderline for him. Looks like I’ll be doing another test run.


I got a $10 coupon in the Oculus store, so I bought Real Fishing VR. It’s a nice relaxing game, and feels immersive. It’s also mostly stationary and easier as far as avoiding motion sickness. Also it’s strangely a decent workout for my arms haha!


ok doesn’t sound bad, I’m ok with a spooky environment, I just don’t want anyone/anything constantly chasing me!

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For those interested, Oculus has a package deal for Tales and the full Vader Immortal series going on today!

(also a SW pinball game which looks pretty boring to me)


Tell me how to do this? We have Oculus and I would love to give it a try this way.

Apparently we have the Vader game. :thinking:

There is a Twitch app available for the Oculus. I think it is already downloaded to the new Quest 2. Just click on it, sign up for an account, follow TouringPlans, and you are set.

I also downloaded Twitch to my phone so that I am alerted when TouringPlans starts a live broadcast.

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