Tales from Galaxy’s Edge

I just ordered an Oculus Quest 2. DH is going to go pick it up now. I’m thinking the first game I buy might have to be the new Galaxy’s Edge game. Have any of you played it? Reviews seem decent, but I’d love to hear a Liner’s take on it.

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yes, I enjoyed it! also played all parts of Vader Immortal and liked it.

I suppose it really depends on what type of gamer you are and what kind of games you like. It’s part exploring / treasure hunting, part shooting, part puzzles. It’s very immersive, but didn’t give me any motion sickness (some FPS games on the Quest do)

The upsides: good movement and controls, very cool environments and graphics. Felt particularly realistic when completing tasks with the multitool, I literally dropped the controller a couple of times when I thought I was placing it on top of an object in the game. The story in the end (google how to reach it if needed) with Yoda was surprising and felt unrelated to the rest of the game, but cool nevertheless.
downsides: could use more familiar places, people and interaction as most of the time you are wandering alone. Sometimes I had trouble figuring out where I need to navigate and kept going back and forth. Wish I could see more of the Batuu areas we know from GE, here you only get a peek.

I really hope they come out with a second installment and more SW VR content in general. I would love love to browse more familiar places and scenes in particular.


Just tried to find it for the Playstation but couldn’t. Going to load Vader now…I’m kinda excited.

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Awesome thanks for the detailed review! I was just playing around in a couple free games to get the hang of it. I am sure I’ll have tons of fun in Batuu! I’ll let you know how it goes! The headset is charging now.

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Wow, I just played around with the game for my first time. I’m really impressed! The graphics look great and feel more lifelike than I was expecting. The directional audio is incredible and really adds to the immersion! I love how many things there are to pick up and look at in the environment. I’m playing roomscale, mostly walking with the joystick, but I love the option to take some real life steps here and there for movement. I hear this game is short, so hopefully I can get more out of it than what some reviewers claim. I am excited to try more! Still getting my vr legs though, so I can only do like 30 min at a time max.

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Have fun!

IIt took me 4 hours in total I think, I had to go back looking for the droids and ingredients for the “extra” missions. VR games tend to be shorter so in comparison, I didn’t think it was that short. The Vader Immortal episodes can be done in less than an hour each, so they are short (less expensive too, though)


Wonder if there’s any chance of free DLC in the future for it? $25 seems steep for 4 hours of gameplay. I might have to wait for sales on any future games I buy.

I’ve read that there will be a second installment this year, but no reliable info on whether it will be a standalone game or an add-on/update. My wild guess is that it’ll be a new game, so they can slap a full price tag on it.

The prices for Oculus games can be a bit steep. On the other hand, $25 for 4 hours of gameplay that is much more of an experience than a regular console or PC game isn’t that crazy imo, but definitely not cheap either.


I’ve been playing it. I have also played Vader Immortal. Vader Immortal is more of a story that you are playing through. Galaxy’s Edge allows more freedom and choice about where to go and what to do.

I’ve definitely spent more than four hours in gameplay. I personally do not like people shooting at me, and the game makes me very anxious as a result. I’ve screamed out loud at least four times. :rofl: I couldn’t get past the first group of people trying to kill me, so I ended up turning down the difficulty to easy, which has made it a more fun and less stressful.

Many of the games for my Nintendo Switch are more expensive than the Oculus games. Switch games on average run about $60

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Haha I love that you were so immersed that you got scared! That’s awesome. Yeah, I know, my PS4/Ps5 games cost $60 brand new too. But I spend like 60 hours in one minimum. I play a lot of open world games. I’m glad to hear you got more time out of the Star Wars game. I’m guessing I might get more time than average too, since I love to explore and look around.

I will also say that I walk SO SLOWLY from place to place because I’m so worried about people trying to attack me!!! I move forward, and look around a little bit. And then I moved again, and look around. So that probably adds to the increased game play time. :rofl:

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Hey, nothing wrong with that!

I should’ve added that I play quite a bit of games and have a habit of going through them fast :grin:

In case someone is interested, here are a few othher reccomendations for the Quest 2:

Vader Immortal series - this was already mentioned but it’s also a great, highly immersive experience and interesting story too. Quite short as there is less exploring to do, it took me 1-1.5h per episode but again I play quite fast, still absolutely worth it for me. Potential for replaying maybe once.

I Expect You To Die - this was a very fun an entertaining puzzle type game where you are a spy trying to work yourself out of a sticky situtation. Funny narration makes it humorous too. The puzzles are not easy and require some experimenting and several tries. This could also be played by a child if you give them tips (there is no actual violence), my son loves it. Can be played sitting down.

Beat Saber - pretty self explanatory, fun and even gets your heart rate up a bit

The Thrill of The Fight - this is a boxing game that is very good exercise. I use a punching bag in real life occasionally to warm up and this defintely works too. If you really go for it, you’ll be sweating in 1-2 minutes.

Super Hot VR - this is a very interesting game. You are in a sort of a white “Matrix” where you can slow down time and it only moves when you move. You need to predict your enemies movements and react accordingly. Shooting, throwing things, punching, but it’s all dummies. I am midway in this game so don’t know how long it will last.

The Room: Dark Matter - a puzzle game in the vain of I Expect You to Die, but more complex, more realistic environments and a darker theme and environment. This is an amazing game, very immersive, I feel like I’m in the Da Vinci Code or some similar story (this could’ve easily been branded as something like that). More complex puzzles to solve and clues to find to solve an ancient mystery. I haven’t completed the game yet but so far I’m loving it. Occasionally difficult, but gives tips which is good.


I love playing The Room on my phone, so I will definitely watch for this one to go on sale for the Oculus! It looks like a great game to explore in VR!

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I echo most of these recommendations! The Room, I Expect You to Die, Vader Immortal, and Beat Saber are our family favorites.

I will also recommend Red Matters - it’s a mystery & puzzle game, close to The Room but more of a story like Vader Immortal. It’s very spooky, so I took a long time with that one as well. :smiley:

Time Stall is also very good - it’s another puzzle game where you get Quicksilver like powers to run around and fix problems as time slows down. It’s very cute too.


You guys talked me into it.

I bought the Oculus for DS (read me), as the end of the Easter Hunt prize. He’s been stuck indoors for 13 months, the poor kid, and I wanted to give him an extra treat this year.

Even though he has other VR’s, this one is great because of those silly cords I’m always tripping over.

Anywho, I love it so far! I might get the extra comfort strap and see if that’s any easier on my neck.

Vader Immortal 1 done, looking forward to the second installment along with I Expect you to Die and The Room Dark Matter. I love Dan Brown and anything that lets me be a part of the mystery, I’m in!

I might try the boxing game too. I lost all my muscle about last Fall after spending a few years doing kickboxing. I miss it, but am not excited to be back in the gym yet.

My kid loved Beat Saber and was actually pretty good. It looks like it’d be fun cardio as well.

Feel free to keep posting fun games if you find them! Happy Gaming! :video_game:


That’s great! And I highly recommend the upgraded strap. I have a large head, so I can barely use the fabric strap that comes with the Quest 2. The elite strap stays put and makes the headset weight feel better distributed.

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That’s awesome to hear! Thanks!

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying it and the reccomendations were useful!

I’ve been meaning to get the strap for months, the original keeps slipping on my head and gets uncomfortable quickly

I also got a fabric cover for the face side, doesn’t stay on too well but I find it more comfortable and less sweaty than the original foam.

I completed The Room and while it got a bir weird and the story felt a little incomplete in the end, it was still a fantastic, complex game. Also finished Superhot, I liked the game play but didn’t like the annoying sounds and somewhat repetitive levels. I think I would’ve liked it much more if there was theming and/or realism instead of everything being “colorless”.

I need to find a new game!


I recommend Red Matters!

I’m happy to report that I did in fact complete Tales from Galaxy’s Edge. I did have a bit of a funny moment where I found myself returning from a save where it put me in a critical story moment without a gun. I had previously been carrying FOUR GUNS at all times to protect me from the people trying to kill me (one in each hand and two in holsters), so this was very upsetting. I eventually remembered I can punch a bad guy, which I did, and then I stole his gun.

I much more enjoyed some of the more relaxing moments in the game. There’s a few clever references back to the physical Galaxy’s Edge too which were very nice.