Taking away EMH

Just got a notification that Disney removed EMH on 11/5 during our trip. I would be upset if I had planned my trip around using that!


I thought the same thing. They took away an early morning at animal kingdom during our stay and added it to the next week. I would be really mad myself if this effected my plans.

That week is such a weird week with EMH. Is that also the day they had it both at AK and HS scheduled?

This seems to be a new thing. I don’t recall seeing this done in the past. EMH - both a.m. and p.m. - have been pretty well fixed in time (ie certain parks have on certain days/nights). The only change I have recalled seeing in the past is the addition of times to accommodate increased crowds for new land openings (ie Pandora, TSL)

I hope this is unique to the few days in question here, and not a new thing that will be done on the regular.

Disney is really frosting my cookies lately with some of these changes!


I have never heard this expression before :joy:.


Was the notification from Disney or TP?

Touring plans

Oh me no like. I always plan our weeks based on EMH days. It’s really the 1st thing I look at, more than CL or any other factor.

Using EMH mornings really helps us fam, hitting all our faves early day, fpps starting around 9/10/11, getting 4th fpps afterwards. Of course that gets skewed if 7Ds fpp not avail til later for instance, but still EMHs we love.

As we know, it takes some focused planning to set up TPs, fpps, adrs way ahead. So Disney is not pleasing me with this business.

This messes up plans for just about everybody on here…