Taking Amtrak train to Disney World

Just arrived in WDW this morning. Took the train for the first time from Greensboro to Orlando, with a switch over in Cary, NC. Everything went very smoothly. No lost luggage and trains were all on time. Main leg of the trip was 13 hours from Cary. Left Cary at about 9:30 pm and arrived in Orlando at 10:10 am. Only problem we had was sleeping. Sleeping sitting up must be a learned skill cause I probably only got three hours. But for half the price of flying we might do it again.

Was this a regular coach seat? Do the seats recline at all?

Yes, just regular coach. Seats do recline and have a foot rest. Plenty of leg room too. Lounge car had tables with bench seats where my kids and I played uno.

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How were the logistics getting from the train station (Orlando to Kissimmee?) to your hotel?

Transport vans were looking for customers when we arrived in Orlando. We rode one of them from the train station to our hotel. Cost $40 plus tip and being the only fair was direct. The van was pretty beat up inside, but seat belts worked so it was fine. I think there is a taxi station inside at the Orlando station, but not at the kissimmee one. That’s why we chose Orlando. In total our train arrived at about 10:05 and we were in line at check in around 11:00.

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UPDATE: Just got back from Disney. Took a taxi cab from the resort to the Amtrak station in Orlando. Nicer trip than in the van. Slept MUCH better on the trip home than I did on the trip down, probably because of being wore out from all the go go go of touring the parks. :slight_smile:

Train ride home was good. Again, the train was clean, passengers at night were respectful and quiet. Coach seats were fine, not overly comfortable to sleep in but maybe a bit easier than trying to sleep in an airplane. For comparison you have a lot more leg room on the train and the seats recline back much more.

I think we’d probably do it again. Everything worked out well and we saved over $500 in comparison to flying.

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Thanks for the update!