Taking a break during the day?

So we are doing 3 park days: HS, MK, then EPCOT.

They just announced longer hours. When we only have one day per park, we usually rope drop and stay until fireworks. But that’s with a 9 to 9 or 10 to 9.

Now MK is opening earlier and won’t close until 11, making for a really long day.
I want to take advantage of the later hours to ride JC at night and see Tomorrowland at night.

How hard is it to go to Pop from MK during the day for a break?

Any other suggestions? We could just hang out in Carousel of Progress for an hour and nap (just kidding but my husband does always fall asleep in there).

Who is in your group? It’s easy to take the bus directly from MK to Pop and back, it just takes time. You could do several indoor shows and try to nap/rest, such as HOP, COP, Country Bears, Tiki Room, and PhilharMagic. You could also leave MK and just go to a nearby resort to explore/rest, such as Poly, GF, CR (not so restful in my opnion), and WL. My favorite is to take the boat to WL, go to Geyser Point (open air restaurant/bar) on the lake, and explore the train room in Boulder RIdge (rocking chairs).

I doubt it’s much trouble, to be honest. I would suspect that there are no big lines waiting for buses.


I’ve always loved the break in the middle of the day idea but have only made it happen one day. It was difficult to get out of the park, I think we were in HS. But, it was worth it b/c we were hot, tired and needed a break. We enjoyed the evening stuff much more from having done it.


Geyser Point is a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

There are only 3 of us so getting around is not usually a problem.

I’m thinking of taking Jungle Cruise off the morning plan so we can ride it at night. I don’t need to ride it twice.

I’ll play around with the plan a bit more and see if I can carve out 3 hours.
I need to look at crowd calendars again once they’re updated. I might be able to move MK to Friday so that we aren’t getting up to rope drop again the next morning.

If I could guarantee that we could ride Remy, we wouldn’t need to rope drop EPCOT.

I hate freaking Genie+ and the ILL.