Take-out for TS restaurants

Is it possible to order take-out at TS restaurants? For example, take-out from Sanaa or Kona Cafe. It might be simpler for us if we are pressed for time. Thanks

No. The restaurants are not prepared to do take-out. If they started doing that they’d over-work the kitchens.

The only exception I can think of is Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness - but that’s sort of pushing it because the take out section is separate and has a slightly different menu (if I’m not mistaken). We got pizza and nachos from there during our visit last Feb. We ate at a picnic table on the deck and then headed over to Chip-n-Dales campfire. It was great because we didn’t have to wait in the loooong line for TS yet the deck area where we ate was completely vacant!

ETA: Even if they allowed take out, if I couldn’t sit down and enjoy the service, I wouldn’t use TS credits or pay TS prices since there are so many great QS places around!

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Thanks for the info. Just wondering since I haven’t seen it mentioned.

At one point you could get soup and breadsticks from Le Cellier if they weren’t too busy. But in general, no takeout, no.