Tables in wonderland question


Hi all, I'm looking for thoughts on tables in wonderland. We recently bought dvc and I know this is a member discount. I usually buy the dining plan as we are a family of 6 and end up saving that way. I'm trying to decide if we want to buy tables in wonderland instead for our next trip though. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated :+1:


It gives you more flexibility than the dining plan (since you can order apps, don't have to have dessert) and includes alcohol.


I agree with the above (for me, the alcohol savings is great), but it also depends on how you eat. I typically have 2 TS meals a day, frequently signature, multiple "adult" drinks, and the savings adds up quickly. But if you do as many or more more QS than TS, it may or may not be worth it to you. You really have to "run the numbers" and see if will work well for you. With a family of 6. I'm guessing it will. Because of my dining preferences, I have never found the DP a "good deal".


I have TiW. I too love signature meals and alcohol. Sometimes I will also grab a meal in a lar/lounge (BlueZoo is my favorite). TiW gives me more flexibility. I will also say that I love to order an appetizer at meals so even if I had the dining plan TiW could be combined with the dining plan and I would apply the discount to the appetizer and drinks.


Thanks everyone! I'll have to take a look at what we would normally spend and go from there. It does seem like it will save us more than the dining plan.


This is good to know! I was thinking it would be one or the other- DP or TiW. On our upcoming trip I'm considering upgrading our tickets to AP's and adding TiW, but we have DP on the trip. Glad I can combine them!


I never thought of combining until a CM friend told me that is what she did. I just tell them I am doing it when I check in. They put the apps and drinks on a separate check (20% discount and 18% tax included on that bill).


I would guess TiW likely to serve you better - it's hard to make DP worthwhile by more than a few dollars, if anything, and you're committed to the unhealthy constant barrage of app, main, dessert, drink. TiW is good at more places, for more different meal choices, and doesn't force you to eat dessert every time to "get your money's worth". Also, we've had some CMs who looked quite happy when they saw my TiW card, maybe because of the guaranteed gratuity?
But maybe I'm just biased - I loved (and dearly miss) my TiW card.