Tables in Wonderland and Mobile Ordering?

  1. So Mobile Ordering is a full blown thing now and I’m excited about it.
  2. I am planning on getting TIW and using it at Flame Tree BBQ :yum: at AK when we go (and maybe Pizzafari too :scream:).

Does anyone know if this will work? I’m guessing not, unless TIW pricing is applied on the app, and I don’t think you link them (do you?). I really like the idea and convenience of mobile ordering, but being cheap…I want my discount!

Anybody have any experience with this or planning to try it out in the next few months? If nothing else I’ll update y’all in 128 days.

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At the moment it’s just credit card payments and no discounts. Sorry!

That’s what I figured. Unfortunately not getting a discount at those three meals reduces my margin by nearly half. My math has TIW saving me about $80 (after the $150 cost is recouped). So the $10-$12 savings at each of those three meals brings my overall savings down to about $45. A penny’s a penny and it doesn’t change my plan, but the value certainly goes down.

That being said, it just means I can’t use mobile ordering for those, but MK should be up by then and none of those QS are on TIW, so I’ll still get to benefit from the convenience.

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That’s not too bad then, best of both worlds.

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