Table Service To-Go?

I really want to try the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Yak and Yeti. We prefer to limit meals while we are there, opting for many small plates instead so we can try more things. I don’t believe the Ahi Tuna Nachos are available outside of the table service meal, though DH and I will share the Nachos and the kiddos will share a side of rice. I am going to make an ADR for lunch while I am in AK, but I would much prefer to get the Nachos and rice to go. I hate to waste a table on us when we would prefer to eat on the go anyway. Does anyone know if you can order table service menu to go?

I haven’t tried but I’ve seen it asked here and the answer is always no. I guess you could try though.

I know its not the same, but if you order something and don’t finish it, it can certainly be wrapped to go (We had a few delicious to-go boxes from Yak & Yeti at our last visit for that reason.) It would be the same even if the plate is untouched… That could be a backup plan if the answer is no.

I assumed the answer would be no, but really it is Disney’s loss over ours. We are going to only order one Nachos and one rice regardless. So while I hate to hold a table for that, we certainly will if that is how Disney prefers it. :wink: Not sure I could muster the moxie to order then request a box, but I guess that will depend on how desperate we are for more time in the park!