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2 questions. What is the restaurant you never skip when you go to the world?
Also, my first night we are staying at beach club and arriving around 7:30 pm. I can’t decide where to make our first ADR. I’ve never eaten at Yachtsman steakhouse but that is close to us. Of course I had considered Cape May Cafe but I think if we do seafood Narcoossee’s with fireworks would be better. I’ve also never been to Narcoossee’s. Other option is skyliner to Topolinos which I have been to. Which would you pick and why?

We like to pick different restaurants every trip. However, one of the best meals I’ve had on property is Toledo at GDT.

Some of our repeats are Skipper Canteen, San Angel Inn, LTT, Sci Fi, Ohana, Tutto Italia.


Raglan Road

Never been to either, but narcoossies with fireworks sounds like an awesome choice.


What did you enjoy here?

It was the Chef’s Signature Dinner for two.

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We try to go to different ones each time but here are the ones that alway find their way in the line up: Liberty Tree Tavern, Ohana’s, Teppan Edo, Hollywood Brown Derby, Garden Grill (breakfast). I can also vouch for the Cape May Cafe breakfast cafe - we did it last trip and it was super good!


This is so interesting to see! I haven’t been to any of these. The ones I do every trip are Boathouse lunch, Boma breakfast. I was thinking about doing the cape May breakfast but we are rope dropping one morning and then the next morning I’m doing Boma.

Other restaurants we are doing this trip are
Victoria & Alberts
Monsieur Paul
Bull & Bear
Hopefully Jaleo if we can fit it in somewhere but I will always do Boathouse first.


Homecomin, not skipped if at all possible.

First night I’m usually kind of tired and not up for a lot of fussiness, so yachtsman and Topolino would not be my choice the.

How about Trattoria Al Forno just a short stroll away at BWI?

Narcoosee is great but getting there might be a PITA unless you have a car, and again on the first night I want easy peasy.

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I have been stalking the page since my dining window opened. Multiple times a day every day. Nada

I am full of jealousy!


Olivia’s? Really? I’ve read good reviews but didn’t think it was one of those places people went out of their way to hit. Might need to try it soon.

Their chicken is better than Homecomin’.

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Toledo is great, well priced and beautiful. The fish, hanger steak, and scallops are all great.

My DD and I really enjoy Shiki-Sai. The ambiance and service are great, and if you time it right you can see the night time show.

For your first night places, I haven"t been to many of them, but I wouldn’t travel over to Narcoosees on a travel day arriving that late. And if I did go to GF, I would go to Citricos. But I just saw they took my very favorite dish on property off the menu :cry:

Finally, Ale and Compass brunch is one of my favorites on property. I suspect their dinner food is good too. Service is slow.

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Not for me. It was “okay”. If staying at OKW and looking for a convenient meal, I’d go back. But I’m in no hurry

Disagree completely

What was that?? I’m finally going next trip!!

It was an appetizer - Duck tagliatelle. It was one of my all time favorite dishes anywhere.


Honestly we love Crystal Palace.

Just me - but if you’re arriving at 7:30 I’d skip an ADR. You could run late and better to just settle in and relax/have an early night.


Technically, I can’t say. I never had the chicken at Homecomin’. But when our family went, they all got the chicken at Homecomin’ and later at Olivia’s. They all agreed the chicken from Olivia’s was better. So I am going with the opinion of those 6 about it being better.

I have had the chicken at Olivia’s and it was delicious. We are going back again in March. (Don’t get me wrong, Homecomin’ was delicious as well.)

Well I’m 108 days out so I’m just being optimistic. I don’t have any dining booked yet. That’s just the plan. I’m trying to get it at 60+2.