T2 3D Closing Announced

Looks like October 7th will be the last day for the attraction. Not a favorite of mine, but I was kind of looking forward to doing it in January.

It’s about time to be fair. It was amazing in its day but it’s really dated now.

Agreed. Much less angst for me over this one than Dragon Challenge.

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Yes, I was really devastated about that one.

No doubt they will replace this with an exciting new ride or attraction

We didn’t even visit it in July as we didn’t enjoy it on our previous holiday

I would have skipped but DH and DS wanted to do it.

We experienced it that week… only because it was going to be closed. I’ll be honest, I won’t miss it. Super outdated and my kids were bored with it.

Pacific Rim would be a cool opportunity! I haven’t looked into the rumor mill to see what is replacing it yet.