T-Rex: The Toughest Reservation in WDW

I know this is really random, but why could I not get a T-rex reservation 60+ days out? I have a res finder request open and its been a few weeks and still no reservations. Are they closed on a Tuesday or something? It seems odd they would be harder to get than Topolinos or Olgas which I got no problem for the first week of November. I realize this is not the best food but my son has always wanted to go there and I am finally giving in.

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I think this is one of those that doesn’t always load at 60 days?
Are they on Open Table, by chance?

There have been reports that calling the restaurant directly can work:

Or get a Landry’s card and you can just walk up.

I just listened to a podcast with the MouseDining guy and he reported this is one of the most requested alerts.

I second the recommendation to get a Landry’s card!

Thanks. Again my Liner folks come thru.

In the past I’ve been able to call them directly to get an ADR. Also their walk up waits aren’t terrible.