T-4 days

You guys. DH just agreed to a trip for THIS weekend. We have booked an off site room and we have FP+ reservations. I’ve made TPs (tweaked and evaluated at least 1000 times). I have a rough idea of where we will eat. What am I missing? We’re driving so nothing flight related.


You got this! Relax and have a great time!!!


How exciting, have a great time, you’ve got it covered.

That is so awesome!! Have fun!!

Have funnnnnnn!!! :heart_eyes:

So fun!!! We did this in October and it was a blast!! Someone on here reminded me that the whole trip was unexpected so it made everything feel like a bonus. I didn’t stress at all about what we did/did not get done. ADRs aplenty within a day or two. Set a res finder and you will likely be able to eat wherever you want. Saw every FP except SDD and FOP but didn’t look for same day drops. Someone on chat mentioned they were able to find both of those same day within the last few days. Have so much fun!!!

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