T-10 and I'm changing things up!

We are on the final countdown my friends, 10 days! Today I decided to add a park day on our arrival DAY since we land at 11am. Then I realized MK closes at 4:30. Oh well, it’ll still be fun to go and get a few rides in so we aren’t so excited that we can’t sleep that night. I’m trying to arrange these FP’s, SM, IASW, and HM. We probably will ride both SM and HM again the next day, but gets IASW out of the way, even though it’s my favorite! Crowd level will be a 2 so probably can catch a few walk on other things.

Do you think it’s safe to make a FP for 1:30. I’m pretty sure we can get in by 2:15 and then there is the grace period. Yay!!!



Last week, my flight arrived at 11 (actually a few minutes early), we took DME to WL, checked our carry-ons with Bell Services, had a leisurely lunch at Geyser Point, took the boat to MK, and made it to our 1:30-2:30 FPP for HM just before 2:30. It can be done!

Thanks for the feedback! We are so excited!

Have a great trip!!!

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