Sww 2015

When will the Crowd Calendar be updated to reflect the impact of SWW 2015? I expected to see much higher crowd levels forecasted on those weekends.

usually only Hollywood studios is impacted since SWW events are only held at that one park. Wait times are usually bumped up a bit, but often, there are longer lines for the character meet and greets and that deflects a bit from the ride times. Otherwise, the Monday after SWW at MK is super busy and the crowd/wait time predictions usually reflect it very well. at least it has in the last few times I’ve been there for SWW.

I went on the third Star Wars Weekend last year and crowds in the Studios weren’t all that crazy. Like @DarthDopey said, the non-Star Wars attractions didn’t seem any different crowdwise than most “normal” days in the parks, though, having said that, there is some indication of a general trend toward most “normal” days being more crowded than in recent years.

I’ll also add, that I didn’t attend the weekend that Mark Hamill was present, so I don’t know if the presence of a big name star changes crowd levels significantly. I’d be surprised if Hamill returned this year, but with the new Star Wars film looming, then who knows what celebrities may be lined up to promote the movie during the weekend events.