Switching Resorts

I want to switch to a monorail resort (ideally the contemporary) from Pop Century… but the price difference is remarkable (I was quoted at $1600 difference for my 6 night stay). I like the convenience of it & the walking distance to/from MK, as this is where we are spending the majority of our time, 4 out of 6 days. Our ADR’s are at the monorail resorts too. Do you think I should do it?

if it’s in your budget, and you sound like you want to stay there, then switch.

sounds like a no brainer if it’s in your budget.

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It’s a lot of money for the convenience factor. For that amount of money, you could pay for taxi service for the whole trip, for example. That said, there is something to say about convenience on vacation.

For me, I wouldn’t do it because I’m a cheapskate. :wink:

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That’s exactly what my husband said! Ha ha ha. But he’s not coming on this trip… it’s just me & my bambino.

I had a similar conundrum and opted for both. It is a 16 (??!!) day trip, so the difference of all one versus the other was mind boggling. Opted for 10 nights at ASM and the last five at Contemporary. By day #11 we should have all the really important stuff done and can slow down to enjoy the contemporaries benefits more. At least that is the theory. Spouse doesn’t believe me.

I called to book it and the price jumped tp $2300 extra… NO WAY