Switching Resorts within 60 days

DH and I had Saratoga booked 2/5-2/9. This morning I checked availability and BC had 2/5-2/7 so I switched the first two nights there and the last two are still currently at SSR. I am going to try to switch our last two days over to BC as well by stalking availability between now and the time we leave. FP day is 12/8 and I’m wondering if I need to worry about any FP reservations being cancelled if I am able to switch over the last two days? Or does it just look to the first check in day of 2/5?

You’ll be fine as long as you have an onsite stay for all days.

You may get a warning email, but you won’t lose FPs.

Set up a wait list too - I had been stalking the DVC site daily for the past few weeks to look for Beach Club also for an upcoming trip and nothing - not even a single day was available, and then all of the sudden last week I got the email that the reservation was confirmed.

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