Switching Parks using Hogwarts Express

So we’re looking at doing two days at UOR with a mid morning start on Day 1.
DD26 is a huge HP fan and DD6 is into Seuss, Minions. DW likes thrill rides.
We’re all first timers.

Rather than hitting one whole park on each day, I’m thinking we do half of each daily using Hogwarts Express as transport.
Start Day 1 with USF up the NY-SF side and then without exploring WWHP take Hogwarts Express to IOA. In IOA, do all the HP stuff there and continue down the right side to Lost Continent and Seuss Landing.

Day 2 again start with USF but go to the right side, Woody Woodpecker, Simpsons and onto WWHP. Hogwarts Express to IOA and go to the left side for JP all the way down to Marvel.

This seems to work with only a little doubling back to pick up the Bourne show on Day 1.
Anyone have any experience/insight to this approach?

That is very similar to what we did on our first trip. HP areas are best during early entry and shortly after and starting mid-afternoon. Basically when the crowds are lowest. SO, when the crowds got annoying in HP area we left to explore a non-HP half of the park. If we wanted to switch parks, unless we were very near the entrance, we used the train to switch parks. We treated the two HP areas as one park. We took the train many times and kind-of got to know the great employees there. They were my favorite.

Will you have early entry? If you do, for day 2 you will almost certainly start your day in the HP area since that is most of what is open.

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You’ll want to take the train both ways, it’s a different experience.


Oh yeah. Good point.
Forgot about that.

I originally had us starting one day at IOA to get both ways in.
But then the Bourne Stuntacular was cumbersome.
Back to the plans!!


It is worth the bother to see

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