Switching hotels


So I booked 9 days 8 nights at the poly (Sat-Sun) with the magical express and I’ve come to the realization that it’ll be cheaper to take the 8PM flight on Friday night and spend the night at a moderate or value resort before switching to the Poly.

My question is what would we do with our bags on Saturday? Will Disney take care of it or am I going to have to haul everything between hotels?

Disney will move your bags - you just need to call bell services to take them in the morning.


Thank you

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Or, alternatively, you can bring them down to bell services which may result in less of a wait for you. Either way works.

Note that once you are in your room at Poly you will need to call to have your bags brought up. We learned that the hard way We are patient people on vacation and just kept waiting and waiting. Until MN when we needed pjs and stuff. Bags had been available for hours, they just needed us to call to say we were ready for them. Not sure why it works differently than with DME but it does.