Switch parks at last minute?

I just received an update to the crowd calendar for our days. I would love to switch AK and HS but would lose our fp for FOP and SDD.

If we flip flop, HS would be a 1 instead of a 7 (revised from a 6). AK would basically be the same a 1 or 2 either day. Messes up Ogas too.


I saw some numbers change on mine and just walked away.
I’m done tweaking and sleuthing… it is what it is.

I know many love FPP, but this is exactly why I loathe it. I’m all locked in. :stuck_out_tongue:


When are you going?

I would be inclined to keep those FP.

do you have hoppers? If yes, could go for FP and go to lower crowd park after.

I’d do a mock-up custom touring plan for the new days and see what the wait times look like without FP. If it’s not too bad of a wait, might be worth it - but also keep in mind that the crowd calendar could always be updated again! Getting an idea of wait time might make it easier to lose the current FPs.

I would not change those FP as those SDD and FOP are gold. I couldn’t get either for my trip.


Definitely do this. I’d use actual data to make any such decision.

I would never change my fast passes based on a prediction regarding the crowds. Keep your plans!


We are scheduled for AK on November 20 and HS on the 21st. I picked AK for that day as we are goungbto hop to MK to see the fireworks. We don’t have Christmas party tickets and thats one of two nights we can see it.

Having those 2 FPPs will save you more time than a higher CL. Did you evaluate your plan since the increase? Chances are the wait times really didn’t go up that much.

Please don’t drop a SDD on a prediction that HS will be a 1-ever. Also, a up or down change will never impact you.


I haven’t had a chance to yet. Thats a goid point about the difference between a 6 and 7 not being much.

Until today I thought 6 was kind of a big jump from the preceding days and thought if the calendar was adjusted, it would go down.

I would rather visit on a 1 but it’s probably impossible to change everything.

Too funny, I have the same exact plan as you, going to AK on the 20th (with Park Hop to MK) and HS on the 21st. If you do drop those FP, please message me so I can coordinate getting them as I was not able to get FOP or SDD.

Fred has answered this before in an update video.

Good FP’s + good touring plan is better than a low crowd level.

I did switch an Epcot day & rest day+ HS night on my trip and it turned out great in terms of reduced time on transport and less stress, but based on no other factor but crowd level? Not worth it.

That made me laugh. I will let you know if I do. But, I doubt I will. We are going to HS on Sunday, the 17th for the extra magic hours then hoping to mk. So, hopefully the extra time that day will offset the more crowded feel on Thursday. Plus, we are hoping hack one night after mk closes to see rither fantasmuc or jingle jam, jingle bam.

Does anyone have any idea why Hollywood Studios is so high th 21st? The entire week is quite a bit lower in every park. I have the same dilemma and with kids I feel dropping from a 7 to a 1 is huge for Star Wars since there’s no longer 3 hour EMMH’s. Also jumping up from 1 to 2 at AK will make no difference. I don’t have a FOP FP.

I have been trying to figure it out, too.

And yet thrte are 3 of us on this forum that are going that day instead of the day before. . .

Thanks! Just seemed odd. I was able to get our dining at Sci-Fi and switch our Droid build so I think I’m going to switch since we don’t have a FOP FP. Crowds over 5 give me anxiety even with good plans lol :joy: I will take the 1 and 2 for sanity sake and rearrange the FP plans a bit.

CL is a only a prediction. Good plans trump a CL. I was in MK and AKL in CL10 for MLK day earlier this year. With a plan and with the SDFP tricks, I still never waited more than 20 minutes (and even up to 20 was rare).

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Also, remember that CLs refer to wait times not the number of people on the park. This is probably not the case but if they expect staff cuts on a lower crowd day, the CLs will go up.

Crowd updates and ride openings always throw things off—that’s how I ended up with a day where we are doing resort hopping in the morning, lunch at Cinderella’s Table and SGE in the afternoon.