Switch days I am using my FP+ selections?

We were originally going to go to MK on Jan 19 but now we need to switch going on Jan 18. I got up really early to book my 7DM FP+ and 2 other FP+ can I now some how take those and just transfer them to Jan 18?

No, most likely you will be able to get the other two but 7DMT will be very hard. I would make the change tonight.

UGH! i wish you could! but thanks for your help

Your best chance to getting 7DMT for the 18th would be to make sure you are there for RP, go up on the right side of the Opening show and as soon as they let you go, move with purpose to 7DMT. We we did and were able to walk thru the Que and up to the front of the line in a very short time. I hope you are able to get what you want.
Another thing to do is just keep trying to make changes to your FP+ for the 19th to the 18th, as you never know when someone will cancel or change a FP.

Good luck