Switch AK & HS day?

We currently have AK at day 64 with Tusker House dining and HS at day 65 with Fantasmic Dining Package of our stay, day 66 resort day. Early morning magic has been released for our HS day, we do not plan Toy Story rides for FP but we do intend to sign DD10 up for Jedi Training. Does anyone know if EMM days make it harder to get a time slot for Jedi Training, or if those ppl are allowed to line up before normal opening? I could switch the AK and HS days if I can get the TS changed, and put us at more of an advantage for FOP, but then we won’t be able to sleep in after a Fireworks night. I’d hate to miss the sign up because this will be the last year before she ages out.

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Good question since the EMM is just for TSL I wonder if they are aloud to sign up early for JT? I have no answers for you but am curious what the answer is.