Swim day in early December?

We have never done a slow down and swim day before…but the WL has such a nice pool we were considering it this trip. It would probably be Dec 1. I got some good info from the FB Liners group but was just curious for others feedback. I am from hot Texas where our summers feel like the surface of the sun if that helps lol…I know the pool is heated but still…

I was at WL in the beginning of December in the last and the day time temperature was 75-80. Other days it was in the 60s.

In December you could see 80s or you could see 50s (or colder overnight) - all within a 24 hour period. Certainly bring your bathing suits, but be prepared to not use them. All of the pools are heated, so the swimming isn’t really the problem - it’s the getting out…

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I think it depends on what weather you are used too. We have been to Florida in December and have swum in the pool, with others looking on flabbergasted! But then we are from the UK and our summers are not particularly hot, so the weather was lovely for us. Coming from Texas you will probably have a whole different take on it! I would still bring swimsuits tho :wink:

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We won’t be able to resist swimming, but then we annually swim in the UK sea in Oct/Nov. Outside swimming in the UK regardless of the time of year usually involves keeping an eye on the kids lips and getting out when they start to go blue.


This is what people are telling me, lol! San Antonio summers can be BRUTAL. Will still pack swimsuits and I may touch the water with my hand on our relax day and see how it feels!

As @bswan26 said it’s ok getting in it’s getting out…
Good luck!