Swim Breaks, Resort time

I am usually All-Park, All-Day, the WHOLE trip (8-10 days). And my family is generally ok with it as long as they get enough sit down break time in the parks (shows, meals, etc). Well, for our next trip, our 7 year old has asked for more pool time.

For those of you that take mid-day breaks, what does this look like? This is SOOOO foreign to me!! There will not be napping. Except maybe me, pool side with a drink in my hand :slight_smile: (wait, I might spill it!)

I always plan my days in two sections : morning and night. I will then return to the resort for 3-4 hours in between .

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We are “rope drop to Wishes” kind of people, but not the good night kiss…

@PrincipalTinker what does “morning” and “night” look like to you?

It depends on the park . At AK “morning would be arriving before 7:30 for a 9 opening- most other parks by 8. I usually stay until 1:00 or so. Then return around 4:00 or 5:00 until the park closes. I hop so I plan my days in two separate segments- always starting with my night plans first.


Until last trip we have always been RD to fireworks people, but DH’s health no longer allows that.

We did RD till anytime from 12.30-1.30 depending on plans. Back around 4-4.30, most days, sometimes slightly later, and stay until fireworks.

We only actually napped one day. We did struggle getting seats by the pool in the afternoon. I think I preferred the days we went to the pool at 9, and were in the parks from lunchtime till close. We never went to the pool in the evening, but that would have been a good option too.

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What resort did you have problem getting seats at the pool?

I always have had an issue getting a seat at BC/YC. It is the main reason I do not enjoy Storm along Bay.

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We typically have one day where we don’t even go to the parks. We enjoy the resort, the pools, and occasionally Disney Springs. I highly recommend it!


POFQ. ETA: I should say that this was in August.

The forum is getting more fussy with its rules, it won’t allow me to respond with a single word!

It kills me not to go to a park for a full day! The only time I do it is when we go to a water park.

I feel the opposite. If I know I’m not going to a park for a whole day, you don’t have to fight the impulse to “hurry up and get out of the pool” and feel your afternoon touring plan slipping away. I also just do not have the stamina to do more than 2-3 rope drops in a row.

I would recommend a resort day here! 7 years old is perfect for the pool games and you can definitely enjoy the pool bar. Also, this could be a good night for a resort character meal where you don’t quite mind the increased travel time since you aren’t rushing back for fireworks, etc.

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We like to do a combination of things. In the summer we typically RD and then take a break in the early afternoon to hang out at the pool since it’s ridiculously hot and humid; we then go back to a park in the evening. But we also like to plan a non-park day or two during longer trips. And some days we RD and stay all day at the park–we do this particularly on Epcot days because I think it’s hard to make it part way around the WS and then try to take break.


We mix it up depending how we feel really. Sometimes start at lunchtime after pool time. Other days we eturn to the villa and swim, and head out again later for those who want to. But then we very much all do what we want lol! We often start off together but DH always ends up heading back; he rarely lasts more than 4 or 5 hours, unless it’s a late start and into the evening with a table meal in the middle.

If you were doing a couple of late nights you could then plan a pool morning and then hit a park later on for the afternoon and evening. Or rope drop and return to the resort in the afternoon. Rather than always planning a mid-day break.

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@missoverexcited do you think POFQ pool would be crazy crowded Oct/Nov?

It would depend on the weather but I really doubt it would be as crowded as July/Aug! I think you would be ok.

The great thing about FW is you can always go to POT- multiple pools there!

I’m a Type A - must plan in advance - down to the hour, kind of Disney planner.

I like the idea of planning a pool day around a resort dinner. Maybe MK rope drop, break for pool time, dinner at 1900 Park Fare, back to MK for Fireworks.

It’s not like we are newbies to Disney. This will be my 7 year olds 4th trip. I just don’t feel like I’m at Disney unless I’m in the parks.

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We can use the pools at POR?!

I did tell DH that I would be more laid back on this trip. Oh boy.

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Yes! POR and FQ share pools!

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Our family has been to Disney 5 times and May/June trip this year will be #6 - POFQ is one of our favorites - the main pool there is really good but can be crowded. Our strategy is to be at the parks early in the AM before rope drop and take advantage of early morning magic hours and using the plans on the site. We are really moving around quickly and have usually gotten everything done before 11:00 unless there is a ride break down. After that we are usually a little fatigued (mainly because of the heat-our trips have been May-Aug over the years except for one Dec) Then it is lunch/break and depending on your situation(eat at the park before your break, eat at the resort during break, just have a snack and eat when you go back to the park) Personally we like to eat before heading back to the resort (waiting/riding the bus gives time for lunch to digest) After getting back to the resort, my wife likes an hour nap option, kids usually like the pool but if tired, they will nap too - I like to explore the resort more during this time early in the trip and then pool time later. Just a little time away from the crowds and heat recharges our batteries. We have our dinner reservations & fast passes reserved for the evening park and it becomes more of a relaxing evening. We don’t stay late in the parks simply because we want to be there first thing the next morning. It truly depends on what works for you, but the break is essential for us. It may seem like a waste of 3 hours or so each day, but it is worth it to be in 100% physical and more importantly mental frame of mind, not having to stress out on what we still need to accomplish. But the planning part is why we are all on here, right? Have a great trip!

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