SWGE Details (no opening/preview/FPP info)

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the info in these two articles, but everything sounds believable, and parts definitely align with other sources I’ve read. This is the most detailed description of what to expect, but with no real “spoilers”

Part 1

Part 2

If it’s even close what these articles describe, it’s going to be amaqzing.


WOW. If even half of that is true it will be incredible.

I usually take DLR trips in connection to a yearly August work trip to LA. I had plans for a solo trip, happily camping out in lines to get into GE. Yesterday I found out the work trip is not happening this year. I was debating whether or not to still go all on my own dime and was leaning no. And then these and other articles came out today. Got the thumbs up from the family, and I’m going!

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It sounds really cool and yet as a very casual Star Wars fan, it also sounds a bit offputting. It’s too much! I don’t know if it makes me want to go or not to go. Though it will certainly have been open several years before I get to it.

Sounds quite amazing, even for a non-fanatic

I have really mixed feelings about the fact that I will be in WDW in december… Assuming it will be finished by then, I would love to see it, even if I couldn’t even catch the rides. But I imagine it will be insanely crowded throughout, and am wondering if it will make HS unbearable altogether. This will be dec 18-19th so not the worst of the worst christmas crowds yet, but not far from it, and does it really make a difference here…

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I am in the exact same boat; I’ll be there 8-15 December. I really enjoy the SW movies, but I’m not a crazy fan. But I would really like to see the land and do the rides. My whole planning process is on hold until details of how SWGE opening is going to be handled. My 180 day will be sometime around the first week in June (too far away to do an exact count) and I hoping that opening plans are set by then. But the main reason I chose December was for all of the Christmas events - especially in EP - and those will still drive my plan. It’s just a waiting game now…

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I figured I’m probably not the only one in this boat :grin:

If we had more time I would dedicate a day to just go and not expect anything, taking in whatever chaos ensues. But since we only have a few days in WDW altogether, I’m wary about risking one of those days. we’ll just have to wait and see. Buuuut then I think, when will my next time be, I don’t want to wait years.

To go back on the original topic and those articles, it’s indeed impressive how much into the details they are going. I don’t mean just the design and decor, but foe example the outfits, cast roles, specialty food, merchandise which I’m really surprised _if_they can spin it away from typical merch/souvenier spectrum.

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I actually have an “extra” touring day built into my vacation, for possibly doing just this.