SWGE AP Preview: What to Expect?

I was able to register for an AP Preview for SWGE (9am-1pm time slot) and I am wondering if anyone who has done AP previews in the past (for Pandora, maybe?) can help me to set my expectations at a reasonable level so I’m not disappointed.

How busy are these previews? Will it be like RD-ing FOP, with people pushing past each other at the tapstiles and running past those who are actually following the rules and walking at a normal pace?

Should I expect long lines for everything and assume that I will probably not get to fully enjoy the land, even with a 4-hour window?

I have visions of an empty land, zero lines, no pressure, and a small handful of happy, contented guests gazing blissfully at the MF. :joy: How far from reality is this expectation, really?

On a practical level, how should I plan to structure my time? Should I go directly to Smuggler’s Run (along with everyone else, I imagine)? I did register for Oga’s Cantina, but I’m not too sure that I’ll be interested in an alcoholic beverage at 9 in the morning…:thinking: What would you do first?

There shouldn’t be loads of people, certainly nothing like rope drop. At the Pandora previews, many were able to ride FoP three or four times with not much wait. You’ll probably be allowed to go get your wristband a couple of hours before. I would get there early for that. Remember your ID!

Reports from DL suggest everyone will rush to Smuggler’s Run. However the wise heads say don’t!

If you have the first time slot, then take advantage of the no-overlap time to do the other stuff and then get in line for SR maybe 40 minutes before the next group enter; that should give you time to ride twice before they all come over. Unless of course you want to ride it several times.

And if you’re in the last group, I would leave it until the last couple of hours.

If you booked either Oga’s or Savi’s Workshop, I assume you’ll be given a time to go for those, which may dictate when you do the rest though.

And I would gauge what others are doing too. If everyone runs for SR, go do other stuff first. But if no one heads there straight away, then go jump in line!

Also they will usually let you stay in the shops after your time is up, especially if you are in a line to pay. Probably like the parties at MK, you won’t be able to get in line but they’ll let you complete the line.


That is super helpful! Thank you!

HS opens at 9 that day, and I’m in the 9am slot. How early do you think I should arrive? I’m staying at Pop and this is my first time relying on Disney transportation to get around. I usually stay off-site and have my own car and can get to the parks as early as I please. Feeling a little nervous about not having that freedom this time. :grimacing:

You’ll get an email to say what time you can arrive and get your wrist band.

I doubt you’ll get into the land early, but depending where you register, you may get into DHS really early, even before they lead the rope drop crowd down @8:30ish. They may even have Star Tours open if they have you wait by Muppets.

I would plan on 7am. At DL, they allowed people to register 2 hrs before their time slot.

And speak to the front desk. Tell them you have a preview slot and see how early the buses will run. Or just get an Uber. I really would get there at least an hour before your time, to avoid wasting preview time in a line to get ID checked etc.

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That’s definitely earlier than I had been thinking! I’m glad I asked! :smile:

It obviously depends what the email says. But I would be trying to beat the rope drop crowd. There will be a separate entrance line though.

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Will the land exclusive merchandise be available during the previews?
I know in DL a lot of the merch has been selling out and inventory is low (or non existent), I am hoping this isn’t an issue during the previews.

If you are interested in making a light saber or droid make a reservation asap. Oga’s does have non-alcoholic beverage too. Also, in the morning they do serve overnight oats with fruit and a breakfast danish. However, The breakfast wraps at Ronto’s Roasters are delish!! The shops are small at least in SWGE Disneyland so it get crowded. Some really cool collectibles if you are into that. As far as Smuggler’s Run goes and this is just my opinion…MEH. If you are not one of the pilots it’s a really good Star Tours with buttons to push. The details in the land are awesome, but Disney promise a lot of interaction I did not see that when I visited SWGE Disneyland in the begin of this month. Two storm troopers that was it. Although the 2 troopers were entertaining. Unfortunately, I was not that impressed hopefully it will be better when the ROR opens. If you are not into making sabers or droids there is not much to do after SR and Oga’s Cantina. We will be in WDW the end of September, we will most likely skip SWGE if it remains super crowded.

For the AP sign ups, you had to choose from one of three experiences: 1) MFSR only; 2) MFSR + Savi’s Lightsaber building; 3) MFSR + Oga’s
They also said that more info would be sent prior so I am assuming they will give us set times to go into either Oga’s or Savi’s but that is just a guess. I am also wondering if you signed up to build the light saber, will you be able to go to Oga’s if there is time/space available?
I sure can’t wait to get additional details!!

The budget for all the interactive elements were cut fairly drastically. Which is why the street entertainment and roaming droids etc aren’t there. :frowning:

My hope is that having seen the lack-lustre reports from California, they may reinstate some of that budget. Realistically it’s going to be December when RotR opens before that can be remedied, but the comments about the land being “lifeless” must surely be worrying to those at the top.

There were plans in DHS (because it’s a more open space than at DL) for drones to be flying around. Let’s hope that happens!

Don’t get me wrong SWGE is very cool. Slightly disappointed when there was not much interacting characters, street scene battles and cast members staying in character. However, the cast members thing only happened in Oga’s Cantina. Maybe I just believe all the hype and I felt it did not deliver on the day that we visited. Since DL had low crowds we decided to do a day there just in case WDW has crazy crowds. I have had heard all the stories about FOP opening, YIKES. We have a lot of another things to do on our WDW bucket list so if it’s a 6 hour wait to get into the land and ride we will pass since we have already experienced SWGE in CA. Although that unplanned day cost me extra 800.00 out of my vacation budget lol… between the peek ticket prices, parking, food and drinks. Oh well, it was a great day with my kids!! I have 52 days to get that money back into my vacation budget…but who’s counting. Hope you have a great experience at SWGE!!:smiley:.

I highly doubt it because they probably crunched the numbers to give out as many reservations for Oga’s as possible, but there is always a chance. They will need to balance having an endless standby line with no guarantee of entry with potentially having no shows or unused capacity.