SWGE and Crowd Calendar Question

Looking at the wait times in the crowd calendar it appears that Saturday is the best day to visit HS for EEMH during our trip. I had always assumed that Saturday would be a busier day. Do you think we should go for it or try for earlier in the week?

I also tend to pretty much avoid Saturdays! I would try for a weekday but it might be better on Saturday if that is later in your trip and you can get better FPs!

I’m hesitant about a lower CL on a Saturday too. Keep your eyes on the TP calendar, for updates, as you get 60 days or less to your trip.

Our original TP was HS on Thursday. With the CL revision, I’m continuing on Thursday.

As @darkmite2 has said, CL reflect line congestion. With only 6 FP rides in the park and 5 of them tier 1, there’s going to be some line congestion.

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Thanks all! We will be there 9/1-9/8 so the CL predictions drop at the end, probably because we are farther away from opening day and Labor Day.

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