Swapped from Harbor to Disneyland hotel!

We booked our August trip last fall, and booked across the street. I haven’t been to DL for a decade and none of my family has been.
I know the harbor hotels are good but I’ve never stayed off site at wdw. We are going to Aulani, we want to do Tokyo Disney. So I’ve been regretting not just staying on property for Disneyland.
Well the discount today was enough! So we swapped over!
I’m super super excited.

I had my good neighbor package paid off, so I didn’t want to refund it. I called and they did a payment transfer to my new reservations and canceled my good neighbor one.
They said it’ll take 24 hours to transfer the funds.
Has anyone done that before? Is that about right? The app says a deposit is due by Saturday so I just want to make sure nothing gets screwed up

I can’t wait!


Since you called them I wouldn’t worry about it. You can call them again next week to check to make sure you’re all set.

I think it’s totally worth it to splurge to stay onsite at least once if you can afford it! The magic is that much more intense!


That was my feeling too! Super excited! Dining reservations next week then I am set


Agreed not to worry if you called them. And also agree that the splurge for onsite is worth it for a rare/once in a lifetime/special occasion trip to DLR.

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Well my funds were transferred thus morning so I’m all set!

My sons 10th bday is gonna be epic now !

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