Swap Aulani for a cruise?

I booked a trip for Aulani for myself, my wife and my 10 year old son for May 2025. Been watching videos and getting info and getting excited for it.

We were going to do a Disney cruise the next year or 2 after.

But now we are wondering if we should swap the plans and do cruise 2025 and hawaii 2026/2027.
My son would probably enjoy the cruise more at a younger age we are thinking. Plus a 2.5 hour flight is easier than a 10 hour flight. And he might enjoy Hawaii more when he’s a little older and can sit though the luau and experience the culture more etc.

Any thoughts? Cruise at younger age and Hawaii at older age? Anyone have insight?

We’ve never done either so it’s a first for each.


We did a DCL when my boys were 10 and 6. They loved the kids clubs. We are going again on a DCL Alaskan and they will be 15 and 11. The bad news is that the 11 yr old now has to go to the tween club and he would prefer the one for kids 5-10, as he said there appear to be more games and stuff in there.

We went to Hawaii last summer and stayed at Aulani for 12 nights. It was fantastic! But I agree that the cruise might be better when he’s younger and Aulani could be better when he’s a bit older.

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Thanks for that info. The kids club info is good too since he’ll still be 10 I think he’d rather have the younger area also.
And maybe enjoy Hawaii more when a bit older


If he will be 10, and therefore still able to get into the Oceaneer/kids club, and that would interest him then yes, definitely do the cruise now, Aulani later.

Our oldest was 11 on his first cruise (the rules changed recently and the club used to go to 12 yrs) and he loved the kids club (he was also with siblings and cousins ranging from ages 3-11 so it was a blast for all of them to just party all day and night long there).

Well funny enough my 9 year old son had a talk with me and mommy and said he really wants to do Hawaii first! How funny, I’m glad he’s mature and honest to let us know. So we are gonna keep Aulani for 2025 and do the cruise 2026
(And my goal is Tokyo 2027…)


As long as he totally fine with only being able to do Edge (the tween kids club that is the only option for 11 yr olds) & not ever getting to be in the programming in the Oceaneer Club (for ages 3-10 is a hard stop that kids age out of at exactly on the day of their 11th birthday), then yay for including him in the planning.

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