Swan Renovation

Hello WDW Liners!

My family are DLR veterans going on our first full-length WDW stay planned for April 2016. We are using rewards points for the Swan/Dolphin and the Dolphin is right now unavailable for our dates. The Swan is available; however is undergoing a longer renovation. Does anyone have experience between the two and which one we should be booking (ie should we keep an eye out for Dolphin to open up or just book the Swan and the renovation won’t be a big deal).

Also does anyone have any recent experience with renovation noise level/disruption so far?

Thanks in advance!

I am “bumping” this because I am going at the same time and am considering booking the Swan also! Would love to hear any details on these renovations and what might be unavailable to use, as well as the issue of noise.

I just booked Swan for end of December, we were told the room renovations were complete.

I booked the swan for april 2016. The renovations are complete and all the rooms will now be under 18 months old. The dolphin rooms are more outdated. dolphin is twice the size, so i think swan is more low key.

We’ll be there same month! I think we are also going with the Swan since it looks like renovation will be complete by then!

Thanks for the info! I did double check with the hubby and he had it in his head that the Feb-Oct or whenever they told him was for next year when we would be there. So we’re all clear!!