Swan question - Fridge? Microwave?

Do any rooms in the swan have a microwave? Do they all have mini fridges? Love being able to heat up hotdogs/chicken nuggets/leftovers from meals. Do they have those refillable mugs by chance? We love staying in the villas for these amenities.

We stayed in a “standard” room at the swan. No microwave and I would consider the refrigerator COOL as compared to cold. For milk we put the containers in the ice bucket and then put that in the fridge.

No refillable mugs as well - at least to my knowledge

Ok thanks. I think that’s a deal breaker for us. Bummer.

The microwave?

So here is a thought - as a small microwave is only $100. ORDER one, bring it with you (or have it shipped) and see if the $100 is worth it or not. The rates at the swan are pretty good so you may end up ahead at the end.

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I’d assume you can get a nuke for under 50 bucks NEW. I only searched one store (Target) and on the first page there was one for 49.99. I’d assume you can do better for a dirt cheap one at WalMart, or some other discount store.

Our fridge at Swan kept things ice cold. We turned it up as soon as we walked in the room. It was fine.

They sell refillable mugs at the resort, yes.


Ahhh that thought did not cross my mind, and we drive so we could bring it with us. It would easily be worth the cost.

Amazon has a Prime option for $40 right now rated at 4* as well. So even if not driving, it could be an option to ship it directly from Amazon. Shocked microwaves are THAT cheap now. Great idea if you need one…

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Look at middle of page 3 here: https://www.swandolphin.com/pdf/Resort_Report.pdf
However, Picabu is at the Dolphin.