Swan - purchase magic bands? opinion?

Trying to decide if the 13 bux is worth it. I’ll have a 7yr old son with me. I don’t mind spending the $ for the bands, but I’m wondering if it’s really worth it. We’re staying at the swan, and I know the deal - so I’ll have to have a credit card, and a resort id / room key even if I get the Magic Bands. Still think it’s worth it? It’ll probably be cool for the kid - less hassle to get the hard ticket card out for FP. Maybe useful if we come back and stay offsite, too. Your opinions?

We didn’t do it - the only thing it buys you is the park admission / FP - for us it wasn’t worth it. We gave the kids the option that this could be their souvenir - they said no. I would save the money for something else.

Last time (2 years ago), my kids DD8 and DS6 enjoyed having MagicBands instead of digging out a ticket card every time we entered a park or cashed in a FastPass. Is $13 worth it to you? I can’t say. But for us, it was handy.

Now that I’ve used the magic bands many times, I can not imagine having to go back to digging a card out of my bag every time I enter park or use FF. If you’ve never used them before though, you can probably live without the bands.

Ha - i think to a certain degree it is a MOM v DAD thing. If my wife had to dig the tickets out of her purse ever time - it would certainly be a pain and I would stand their rolling my eyes. As the dad (and anal retentive keeper of the cards) - I kept them in one pocket and had them handy at every turn.

As we were staying at the Swan and had to pay for everything anyway - it was no big deal getting out the Credit Card (it was the card that was red hot from frequent use).